Path to Awakening – Stephan Pende

Path to Awakening – Stephan Pende

These teachings were recorded from a retreat given by Stephan Pende in the summer of 2018. It consists of 35 sessions of teachings and guided meditations. “Dwelling deep within our heart, and within the hearts of all beings without exception, is an inexhaustible...
Foundations of mindfulness

Foundations of mindfulness

All the individual lessons and materials for this course are found below. In this course you will learn the foundations of mindfulness meditation. Led by Martin Ström, who has more than 10 years of experience teaching mindfulness in a multitude of settings. Martin is...
Saturday city retreats

Saturday city retreats

Saturday city retreats will happen once a month and we will post them to our events page. We will post materials for the courses...

Be your own therapist

Be your own therapist will be available 1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 evening per week and focus on meditation. We will post materials here to help you learn to be your own therapist


Pujas will take place 1 evening and 1 weekend per month and are open to all. We will post information here on learning about pujas

Basic program

The Basic Program is a five-year, twelve-subject course of studies designed by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. It provides a practice-oriented transmission of the Buddhadharma to committed students ready to progress beyond foundational-level study and practice. Its comprehensive...

Discovering Buddhism

Over 2500 years ago, Shakyamuni Buddha gained direct insight into the nature of reality, perfected the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and power, and revealed the path to his disciples. In the 11th Century, Atisha brought these teachings to Tibet in the form of the...

Meditation 101

Meditation 101 will be available soon and will be available within the centre 1 morning, 1 afternoon and 1 evening per week. We will also have materials and online advice available this course in the near future.

Drop in meditation

The centre will be open for Drop in meditation and there will be someone on hand to offer advice and support you in your meditation practice. We will have courses on the fundamentals of mediation

Visiting teacher weekend

Visiting teacher weekend courses on a variety of topics. See our events for upcoming teachers and their courses will be posted here as well.

Friday public talks

Monthly discussions on topics including, mindfulness, neuroscience, meditation and life