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Cultivating Emotional Balance

August 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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An event every week that begins at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, repeating until October 9, 2019

190kr – 2200kr

It seems like emotions rule our lives. During just one day we experience multitudes of different emotions: anger, joy, sadness, fear. How do you deal with anger? Do you tend to suppress it because you think anger is shameful and never express what your needs are? Or do you tend to burst into anger and later regret that you have done that? Obviously, these two extremes are not helping us be happier.

But there is a way! In Cultivating Emotional Balance 8-week course you will learn to accept and watch your emotions without getting involved in the old habituated stories.

And it does not end there! You will learn to develop the causes of genuine happiness – refine your attention, understand why you feel dissatisfaction and distress, and expand empathy starting from yourself.

Come join us! This course is a result of the collaboration between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the world renown psychologist Paul Ekman and a prolific writer, scientist, and Buddhist teacher Alan Wallace. It is the first level of Cultivating Emotional Balance curriculum.

Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) provides a number of different, practical emotional skills which lead to a better understanding of our emotional life and support an increase in constructive emotional episodes. The contemplative practices of CEB emphasize the cultivation of the happiness of being or the happiness we bring into the world by aligning with our core values and aspirations, developing attention skills, and utilizing contemplative inquiry to investigate our lived experience.

This curriculum was developed by Alan Wallace, Paul Ekman, and Eve Ekman as a result of the Mind and Life Dialoguewith His Holiness the Dalai Lama about Destructive Emotions in 2000.

The course consists of 2 hours meetings per week, during which we will study our emotions, investigate the triggers of different emotions and behavioral patterns, do group discussions, and learn meditation techniques aiming at relaxation, developing attentional skills and heart qualities like compassion, love, equanimity, and empathetic joy. Participants will do a reflective study about emotions using Emotional Episode Diary (EED) and create the habit of meditation between the sessions.

Cultivating Emotional Balance curriculum course is an 18-week program which is divided into two parts, Level 1 and Level 2.

Below is the description of all 9 sessions of Level 1 program.


The first session is devoted to the introduction of the CEB curriculum, an overview of Shamatha practice, and different tools which will be used throughout the course such as Emotional Episode Diary, Meditation Diary, and Aspiration Worksheet. We will learn about the distinction between genuine happiness and hedonic happiness. We will also learn how to practice one type of Shamatha meditation – Full Body Awareness.


In this session, we will study 4 Balances (Emotional, Attentional, Conative, and Cognitive), Affective Domains and Characteristics of Emotions. We will also practice another type of Shamatha meditation with the focus on the Abdomen.


This whole session will be devoted to studying the Emotional Timeline Episode and its elements such as Events, States, and Actions as well as Emotional Triggers, Physical States and Emotional States. We will study their definitions and apply examples to master the Emotional Timeline Episode tool.


During this session, we will practice the third type of Shamatha meditation with the focus on the sensations at the nostrils.


This session is devoted to the emotion of Anger. We will study the definition of Anger, its theme, and how to manage Anger wisely, as well as guidelines for the time-out when the emotional episode of Anger arises. This session will end with learning about the tool – 3-minutes breathing space – and introduction to Loving Kindness.


In this session, we will do an overview of Anger homework and continue with the Loving Kindness practice.


In this session, we will learn the Shamatha method called Settling the Mind in its natural state and study the emotion of Disgust.


We will practice Shamatha meditation, do an overview of Anger and Disgust and study the emotion of Contempt.


The last session of Part 1 Cultivating Emotional Balance curriculum is devoted to the review of Anger, Disgust, and Contempt as well as the Emotional Timeline Episode tool. We will also discuss the importance of Compassion.

About the facilitator: 

Zarina has been exploring the subject of happiness from different angles. She studied psychology for her undergraduate degree and wrote a thesis about female happiness. Later when she came into contact with Buddhist philosophy and Iyengar yoga, she found answers to a lot of her questions about the mind, genuine happiness, and meaning in life. Zarina is very much inspired by the message of His Holiness the Dalai Lama about secular ethics – education about cultivating universal human values such as love and compassion irrespective of whether one is a believer or a non-believer. She studied Buddhist philosophy at Sera Je Monastery in India and Europe. She is a certified Iyengar yoga and Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) teacher.


20 available
Full Course Reduced: Cultivating Emotional Balance1,400.00kr
20 available
Full Course Regular: Cultivating Emotional Balance1,800.00kr
20 available
Full Course Generous: Cultivating Emotional Balance2,200.00kr
20 available
Drop-in Reduced: Cultivating Emotional Balance190.00kr
20 available
Drop-in Regular: Cultivating Emotional Balance240.00kr
20 available
Drop-in Generous: Cultivating Emotional Balance2,200.00kr

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