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Mind and its Potential- Discovering Buddhism Modul One – The Buddhist Science of Mind

September 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Free – 1200kr

This is our Wednesday Study course, consisting of 14 different modules. We start with the first module “Mind and its Potential” 19/9 until 27/10, incl. one (1) day retreat.

You can participate as you can and will: one module at the time and even Drop In if you wish. Or go for it and take all exams and certificate – and take a chance to become a Discovering Buddhism course facilitator in the future (We need you!).

Module One; MIND AND ITS POTENTIAL – 19/9 – 27/10 – With Kaisa Kaul
Always on Wednesdays 18-20.30. We start and end with meditation.
The course is suitable for you who want to learn more about the Buddhist Science of Mind, philosophy, and psychology, and for you who want to deepen your knowledge and practice in Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.

Examine the mind and how it creates happiness and suffering. Learn to transform destructive thoughts and attitudes to create a positive and joyous mind.
” It is your mind that creates the world “. Buddha Sakyamuni.

Recommended readings:

See video with Richard Gere, Venerable Robina Courtin and others talking about “Mind and its Potential”

Topics covered in this session include:
– The goal of Buddhist study and practice.
– What is the mind – definition, and description.
– The beginningless and endless continuity of mind.
– Aspects of the mind: Levels of consciousness – everyday mind to Buddha-nature, our potential for spiritual enlightenment, and why it is possible to attain full awakening (enlightenment)
Starting with Motivation and Breathing Meditation, ending with a meditation on the Continuity of Consciousness

Topics covered in this session include:
– How to integrate the teachings
– Understanding the functions of the mind – perception, and conception
– Understanding how the mind gives rise to discontent and dissatisfaction, or to happiness and fulfillment
Starting with Motivation and Breathing Meditation, ending with Equanimity Meditation

Topics covered in this session include:
– Buddhist psychology – primary minds and mental factors
– The mechanics of the mind
– Destructive mental factors – the root delusions and derivative delusions
– Constructive mental factors
– Chasing happiness
Starting with Motivation and Breathing Meditation, ending with Meditation on Clarity of Consciousness

Topics covered in this session include:
– The path to enlightenment, sutra, and tantra: an introduction
– Engaging in a daily practice
Starting with Motivation and Breathing Meditation, ending with Meditation on the Buddha: Touching the Essence

Repetition & discussion
Starting with Motivation and Meditation, ending with Meditation

Starting with Motivation and Meditation, ending with Meditation

SESSION 7  One day retreat, Saturday – 10.00-15.00 – Meditation on the Mind and Its Potential material presented earlier.
Including Shamatha meditations and meditations on the Four Immeasurables (Loving Kindness, Compassion)

Discovering Buddhism
Awakening all limitless potential of your mind, achieving all peace and happiness

Over 2500 years ago, the historical Buddha, Buddha Shakyamuni gained direct insight into the nature of reality, perfected the qualities of wisdom and compassion, and revealed the path to his disciples. He became ”The one who is Awaken”, which is the literal meaning of ”Buddha”.
In the 11th Century, Atisha brought these teachings to Tibet in the form of the lam-rim – the gradual path to enlightenment. The lam-rim tradition found its pinnacle in the teachings of the great Tibetan saint Lama Tsongkhapa in the 14th Century, and these teachings continued to pass from teacher to student up to this present day.
When Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche transmitted these teachings to their disciples, they imparted a deeply experiential tradition of study and practice, leading thousands of seekers to discover the truth of what the Buddha taught. This tradition is the core of Discovering Buddhism.


Discovering Buddhism – All 14 Modules
(We might teach some of them in a different order)


Each module consists of teachings, meditations, readings, and a short retreat. As a student, you may do some or all of these components of each course, as you wish. Those who complete all the components receive a completion card for that course.
And when all fourteen modules have been completed, students receive a certificate of completion. This certificate awards the satisfaction of having completed a very comprehensive engagement with the studies, and is symbolic of your commitment to spiritual awakening, – and/or symbolic for your enthusiasm to deepen your knowledge and practice in Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.

Module 1. Mind and its Potential.
Module 2. How to Meditate – starts in the other part of the October when we are done with the Module One.
Learn the definition and purpose of meditation, how to sit, how to set up a meditation session, different meditation techniques, and how to deal with obstacles to meditation.

Module 3. Presenting the Path
Get an overview of the entire Tibetan Buddhist path to awakening. Study the life story of the Buddha and discover a unique system for putting Buddhist philosophy into practice – the lam-rim, or “graduated path to enlightenment.

Module 4. The Spiritual Teacher
Investigate the role of the teacher on the spiritual path: the need for a teacher, the qualities of teacher and student, and how to relate to a teacher for greatest benefit.

Module 5. Death and Rebirth
Explore the process of death and rebirth and its impact on how we live our lives. Learn to fulfill your purpose in life, resolve conflicts, and develop the skills to help yourself and others at death.

Module 6. All About Karma 
Learn the essential facts about the law of cause and effect. Explore ways to deal with life most effectively and take control of your future!

Module 7. Refuge in the Three Jewels
Find out what it means to take refuge in the Three Jewels and the essential practices of refuge. Learn about the advantage of taking lay vows and their role in enhancing our spiritual growth.

Module 8. Establishing a Daily Practice 
Assemble the tools you need to develop a successful daily practice and find out the elements necessary to generate realizations. Get some tips for making every action meaningful.

Module 9. Samsara and Nirvana
Investigate what “samsara” is and how we are stuck in it. Find out what “nirvana” is and how to achieve it. Learn how to be free from suffering and empower yourself with practical tools to deal with and eliminate disturbing emotions forever.

Module 10. How to Develop Bodhichitta
Discover practices that develop our innate qualities of compassion. Learn to apply these techniques to generate the mind of bodhicitta, known as the very heart of Buddha’s teachings.

Module 11. Transforming Problems
Learn the disadvantages of self-cherishing and the advantages of cherishing others. Learn to employ the special techniques of mind training (lojong) to transform problems into happiness.

Module 12. Wisdom of Emptiness 
The realization of emptiness is crucial for the attainment of liberation and enlightenment. Learn to develop calm abiding and different methods of meditation on emptiness.

Module 13. Introduction to Tantra
Learn what tantra is, how it works, and why it is a powerful form of practice. Get a broad overview of the four classes of tantra and learn to practice simple Kriya tantric methods. Learn to integrate tantra with lam-rim meditation for optimal results.

Module 14. Special Integration Experiences
By undertaking intensive practices of purification and a two-week lam-rim retreat, you prepare your mind in the best way to realize the path to enlightenment. Purification practices include 100,000 prostrations, 3-month Vajrasattva retreat, and Nyung Nä. This is a great way to seal the blessings of this program.


All of the FPMT study programs and especially Discovering Buddhism are presented within a context that reflects FPMT  “Wisdom Culture.“ FPMT offers an entire series of study-programs, from introductory courses to advanced courses such as Basic Program and Masters Program. Discovering Buddhism is definitely a good start.


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