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04feb18:0020:00FeaturedBuilding on Basics: 10 week group practiceIntegrating 16 Inner Values into daily life


(Tuesday) 18:00 - 20:00 CET


Event Details

Building on the Basics is designed to be experiential, actively engaging, contemplative, mindful and enjoyable. You are encouraged to include family, friends, and community in activities during the concluding Community Project. 


Ideally, having participated in the “Building on Basics: 16 Inner Values for Life” on February 1-2, 2020. If that is not the case, a participant should have an interview with one of the facilitators of BoB course.

Course description

Building on Basics is a series of follow-on study sessions that has been designed to commence shortly after a 16 Inner Values for a Happy Life workshop, providing participants with an opportunity to integrate their experience and understanding of the 16 Guidelines into everyday life. 

Building on the Basics follows the structure of the workshop. It is designed to be experiential, actively engaging, contemplative, mindful and enjoyable! You are encouraged to include family, friends and community in activities during the concluding Community Project

  • BoB is led by participants of the Level 1 workshop
  • Held bi-weekly for ten weeks 
  • Interactive, experiential, and contemplative 

What will I learn on this course

BoB is a great way for you to engage in a regular, on-going commitment to further explore the reflections and experiential tools introduced in the 16 Inner Values for a Happy Life workshop. 

At the same time you will have the opportunity to deepen your connection and engagement with a group of like-minded participants. An important final outcome of a BoB programme is the joint Community Project, which you will plan and put into action as a group.

More about this course

BoB provides: 

  • Weekly home-study work sheets [a commitment of ten minutes each day]
  • Support and weekly set-aside time to design and implement a joint community project inspired by the 16 Guidelines 
  • Encouragement and a framework to continue practicing the skill of mindfulness
  • Additional deepening practice using the reflections, experiential tools and creative activities that provide the foundation for personal exploration and understanding of the 16 Guidelines and the Four Wisdom Themes
  • Small group and full group discussions to share ideas and understanding

Community Project 

BoB culminates with the Community Project, which is defined by service: an activity that serves the needs of others. Participants are encouraged to identify the unmet needs of others around them day-to-day, and work to meet those needs. This may be their workplace, their neighborhood or their family. The main point is for participants to give their time and effort to contribute to other people’s happiness. 

Course schedule

Week 1 – 8: Focus is on one wisdom theme and its related four guidelines for 2 sessions. Each 2-week period explores one wisdom theme and its related 4 guidelines, including the complementary ‘shadow’ side of each guideline. 

Each meeting includes: motivation, mindfulness sessions, feedback and review of previous week’s topics and homework, an introduction to the current topic, small or large group experiential activity, a break, an optional short video, pre-framing, a progress report on the community project, a homework review and dedication. 

Week 9 will celebrate and dedicate the course. It includes a survey and feedback on the course experience and reflection on continuing with meetings and/or activities as a group or individuals. 

Week 10 – The Community Project: Examples include a fundraiser, a street party, a grassroots presentation in community for kids or adults, a project with elders or in a hospice, caring for mother earth, an environmental activity. The community project empowers participants to apply the 16 Guidelines in action in their neighborhood or community. 

Who is teaching the course

BoB is a self-organized course and will be facilitated by the participants of the 16 Inner Values for a Happy Life.

Course material

Handouts, materials for the Community Project 

When is it

Start and end dates: February 4-June 9 2020, bi-weekly 

Session duration: 18.00-20.00

Number of sessions: 10 

Day of the week: Tuesdays

Good to know

Completing a BoB is a highly recommended step to attending a 16G Level 2 workshop. However, anyone who is invited to do a Level 3 workshop must have done a BoB. 

Fika break

Course price

Recommended donation to cover the costs of the course and the Community Project – 250-500 kr for 10 weeks 

Course Length

10 weeks

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