35. Questions and answers 9

Questions and answers session 9. Before taking questins Stephan makes an addition to the instructions given about establishing a daily practice. He mentions the importance of an “entry protocol”, meaning things that we can do to prepare ourselves for our...

33. Advice on a daily practice

Stephan gives advice on how to create a balanced, integrated daily practice. Advice on a daily practice (Downloadable link)

32. Q&A What happens when we die?

This questions and answers sessions contains mainly questions about dying and the death process. Q&A What happens when we die? (Downloadable link)

31. Meditation: Eight stages of dissolution into death

In this meditation Stephan guides through the eight stages of dissolution of the death process, beginning with the dissolution of grosser levels, conceptual levels of consciousness and culminating in the most suble levels of consiousness, the clear light mind....

30. Meditation: Nine-point death contemplation

In this analytical meditation, Stephan guides through the points that death is certain, the time of death is uncertain, and that at the time of death the only thing that matters is who well we cultivated our mind and heart. Meditation: Nine-point death...

29. The value of meditating on death

In this session Stephan talks about how contemplating death is an important aspect of all mystic traditions, and very much so of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. On a pragmatic level it can help us get our priorities straight, consider what is truly meaningful in our...

28. Meditation: Death is certain, time of death is uncertain

In this meditation, Stephan starts with a contemplation on how many people that went to bed last night with plans, hopes and fears about tomorrow never woke up this morning. But we did. Death is certain, the time of death is completely uncertain. Stephan then...

24. The backwards step

The “backwards step” is an expression from the Zen tradition, describing the experience of stepping back from the content of awareness into awareness itself. Stephan gives this an other metaphors to help investigate awareness itself. However, after the...

23. Looking for the Looker

In this session Stephan introduces what can be considered the core of all mystical traditions. If we shift our attention from the content of our awareness to the context of awareness, what do we find? If we look for that which is unchanging in our experiences, which...

20. Meditation: Insight meditation

Insight meditation where Stephan guides an investigation into the three characteristics of all phenomena; that they are changing, that they won’t satisfy us, and that they are not us. Meditation: Insight meditation (Downloadable link)

19. Q&A: No-self

In this question and answers session Stephan mainly gets asked about different aspect of the no-self teachings. Q&A: No-self (Downloadable link)

17. You are not who you think you are

In this session Stephan addresses the concept of anatman or no-self. He challanges the strong deeply held conviction we all have of there being a solid, separate, unitary self within us who is the owner of body and mind, and who is making all our decisions and is the...