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Come join us and enjoy membership of the centre.

All inclusive of weekend courses and for those with less time, we have the weekday and regular courses only option


Consider us your mental fitness centre and as with the gym, you can come to the classes, courses and teachings as part of your membership

We have a great community of members who paticipate in the centre socially. Membership brings you closer to like minded people who share your beliefs and world view.


We have two main membership levels.

The supporter memberships gives you access to all our regular courses during the week and some weekend courses.

The guardian membership gives you access to all our courses, teachings and events that are based at the centre. This includes  visiting teachers such as Venerable Robina Courtin for example.


We host numerous courses, events and teachings throughout the week, month and year

Our weekly schedule includes, daily express meditation, foundations of mindfulness, Buddhism in a nutshell, yoga and emotional wellbeing courses

Our monthly calendar usually includes one visiting teacher for a weekend retreat. we also have regular talks and presntations from prominent people about numerous topics, including talks by famous writers and people with interesting and motivational life stories. 

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Non-profit membership

We have two types of membership. Centre membership for access to courses, teachings and events and membership of the non-profit for voting rights on the direction and future of the centre.

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Why join yeshe norbu?

We believe strongly in developing the mind to find emotional balance and happiness within.

We teach a variety of techniques and skills to really help you find inner calm in an ever demanding world of work and personal life.

We have a large and beautiful location that hosts a variety of courses, events and teachings for you to attend. Think of us as your mental fitness centre.

The team and volunteers at Yeshe Norbu are passionate about helping you and the world become more harmonious and mindful.

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