Wisdom Energy – Basic Buddhist Teachings


While much has changed since Wisdom Energy first appeared, the basic human needs addressed in this pioneering volume have remained the same, ensuring that it is as relevant now as it was then – from the preface by Jonathan Landaw, coauthor of Buddhism for Dummies

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Wisdom Energy is a simple and compelling introduction to Buddhism by two Tibetan lamas renowned for their insight and skill in teaching Westerners. Containing an entire meditation course, it goes to the heart of basic Buddhist practice and discusses the meaning and purpose of meditation, the causes of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, and the methods for subduing them and gaining control over our minds and lives. Originally published in 1976, Wisdom Energystill preserves the power, humor, and directness of the lamas’s first teaching tour of North America, giving the reader the feeling of an intimate audience with two highly respected teachers.